Thank you for considering Flash Arcade for you festival, fair, or event. Each arcade package provides both nostalgia and entertainment for your patrons and offers an added value to your ticket price. We offer several different packages that will fit your needs, and can further customize each one to create a unique experience for your organization.

Arcade games include such classics as: Ms Pacman, Centipede, Gauntlet, Asteroids, Street Fighter II, Time Crisis 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, House of the Dead, Marvel vs Capcom, Neo Geo, Hose of the Dead, Track and Field, X-Men, Gauntlet Legends, Missile Command, Dungeons and Dragons, and more.

We deliver and install all games, and remove them in a timely fashion. At additional cost, the games may all be put on free play. We can provide a full-time attendant who can additionally facilitate free giveaways and tournaments, providing video game themed posters, artwork, and swag. The Retro Arcade is a fantastic way to make your event more diverse, appealing to gamers, kids, and families.



- Pinball Available
- Classic Box Arcades
- Free Play Available