The Museum of Curious Things is a traveling collection of oddities and curiosities from around the world. Our goal is to stimulate the brains natural curiosity and educate people of all ages on the wonders of the unknown. Our exhibits of the strange and obscure leave audiences intrigued, laughing, and talking about it for days afterward.
The museum is loaded with bizarre inventions, crypto- zoological samples, anatomical oddities, unusual taxidermy, medical mishaps and historical mysteries.

We Make It Easy For You:
Our museum is housed in a 24’ custom 1977 airstream trailer. It is completely self contained, which allows you to focus your attention on other aspects of your event. Not only do we provide amazing displays, our museum comes complete with unique photo opportunities for families, a knowledgable staff and fun signage aimed to bring in even the most skeptical person. You provide the space with an electrical outlet and we will provide your patrons with hours of delight and wonderment.



- Interactive displays
- Mini demonstrations ever hour
- Grounds Attraction
- 24' Airstream Trailer