In Steve’s hilarious comedy magic act everything appears to go wrong for Steve, but right for his audience as they roar with laughter.  This act features original routines the whole family will enjoy! Things certainly don't go as planned as Steve attempts the classics of magic, but when the audience becomes the stars of the show, it all works out hilariously.

In addition to a fantastic stage show, Steve performs an unbelievable rolling magical illusion as he glides around on his mystifying 'Magic Carpet'.    Heads turn and cameras snap as Steve appears to fly while seated on a rug.  He lands his flying carpet in an open area, quickly gathers a crowd and presents a high quality comedy magic show on the go. Then it's off again and "flying" around your event bringing his award winning magic and comedy show right to your patrons.

Steve is a full time professional entertainer with impressive references from around the world.  He is well known in the variety arts community as a creative innovator and all around nice guy. Steve is dependable, easy to work with and can adapt to any performing situation.  If you need a host or MC for a contest or awards presentation,   Steve Hamilton is your go to guy.

On a stage or roving your grounds, Steve Hamilton will do an outstanding job of entertaining your guests and making them feel welcome at your event.


+ Stage Shows
+ Magic Carpet
+ Are You As Funny As A Monkey?